That irritating word!

EvolutionBlog : A Note on Spirituality: "“Do you consider yourself a spiritual person.”
“No,” I replied.
He seemed a bit taken back of the bluntness of, and lack of hesitation in, my answer.
“Really,” he said, sounding surprised. “Why not?”
I said, “Well, I've never seen any evidence that would lead me to believe that there is anything beyond the material world we see around us. I don't see any particular reason to think that God exists or that any particular relgion has much to offer in terms of understanding the world.”
Then he pounced. “Ah! I didn't say religion. I asked about spirituality.”
“Then you'll have to explain to me what you have in mind,” I said. “To me spirituality and religion are very similar.”
“I mean things like feeling one with nature, or having a mystical experience.”
“Well,” I said. “I think those are really just nonsense phrases people use but that don't really mean anything.”"

See also: "Spirituality"? Another word for lies and empty noise

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