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Enlightenment, Reason and Religion (Book Notes: Fighting Words): "The Enlightenment still matters because liberty and reason matter - and because there are still so many in society who are firmly opposed to both."

Blogthings - Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?

You Passed 8th Grade Math

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Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?


Fucking Nutjobs.

International Baccalaureate is Anti-American & Anti-Christian?: "Criticizing the program for being both anti-Christian and anti-American is interesting in this context because it seems to presume that the two go together - as if true American patriotism and true Christian beliefs were in some manner related, if not the same."

I have a good friend who is a high school teacher who runs the International Baccalaureate program at his school. Also, as an atheist, of course I deeply resent the implications illustrated in the quote above.


The Washington Monthly: "The damage that George Bush has done to the United States is going to be with us for a very long time."
Sigh! Kevin Drum is so depressingly correct here. Our only hope now is that history will eventually recognize George Walker Bush for the horrible, horrible president and human being he really is and some of us have realized all along.


Defending the Community Against the Individual (Book Notes: Hiding from Humanity)

Austin Kline reviews Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law, by Martha C. Nussbaum. It dissusses on the issue of the community versus the individual. It cuts into arguments defending human rights abuses because, for instance, women being the chattel of men is part of the culture and imposing women's rights on that culture is cultural imperialism on part of the west.

Defending the Community Against the Individual (Book Notes: Hiding from Humanity): "A common argument used by those who object to individual rights going 'too far' is the idea that the needs of the community need to be respected. This is not unreasonable, because as social animals we depend heavily on the health of our community. At the same time, though, what is meant by 'community'? Is this just a mask for whatever the powerful want?"
"[U]nless we make it clear what “community” we are talking about, and can defend why this particular “community” is chosen over others, it looks like efforts to assert the rights and needs of “the community” over the individual are actually just efforts to assert the privileges and traditions of the powerful over everyone else. Perhaps this isn’t always the intended goal, but it certainly seems to be the effect."


This Modern World: Two things to keep in mind about those Danish cartoons

Tom Tomorrow pretty well sums up how he feels about the whole Danish cartoon fiasco, and I pretty much feel the same way.
This Modern World: Two things to keep in mind about those Danish cartoons


What vjack said.

Atheist Revolution: GA. Bill Would Allow Bible Study in School: "It seems like when American politicians look at what is going on in the Middle East over the cartoon protests that their solution is more religion in the U.S. Following this example, we should combat terrorism by making explosives easier to obtain and getting rid of border security. We should fight the 'war on drugs' by flooding the streets with drugs.

When religion is the problem, more religion is hardly a solution."


Islam Cartoon Controversy

I like what Matthew Parris has to say about it: Comment and opinion from the Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

Nod to Taner Edis at The Secular Outpost.

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