Nevada takes one more baby step away from its medieval, red-necked heritage with passage of a gay rights bill. It's a small, but important victory. It's certainly an improvement over last year's super-majority-vote passage of a "defense of marriage" type amendment to the state constitution which defines marriage as between one man and one woman, denying the possibitiy of same-sex marriage. In fairness, there are sometimes when Nevada is progressive. The sodomy laws in this state (similar to the one in Texas just struck down by the U. S. Supreme Court) were voided in 1993.


Stephen Barrett, M.D. has something to say about homeopathy as well. See what else has to say at Quackwatch.

Penn & Teller call homeopathy "bullshit", rather than horseshit. Well Penn does, Teller doesn't talk much. Check out their great show: Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Yikes! I was looking at my "Native Nevadan" post and, on a lark, typed in www.nevadan.com. What I got is disturbing: a web site apparently dedicated to promoting the practice of homepathy and other quack "alternative" medical practices in Nevada. Find out why homeopathy is horseshit at the terrific site by Robert T. Carroll, The Skeptic's Dictionary.


It's Friday the Thirteenth. Are you superstitious? Read what Chris Mooney has to say about it here.

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