"Father Fucked You -- But Jesus Loves You"

By the way, have I ever mentioned that the Church is a diseased institution and needs to dissolve into history?
David E's Fablog: "Father Fucked You -- But Jesus Loves You"

Christopher Hitchens

There's been no sadder or inexplicable decent into contradictory madness than the partisan 180 degree turn done by fellow atheist and former fellow liberal Christopher Hitchens. These are but two comments on his latest insane blathering.
MaxSpeak, You Listen!: THE HELL YOU SAY
David E's Fablog: Dicking Around with Hitch


Everyone's religion deserves criticism except mine!

What The Dark Window says: Sadly, No!: They're Coming For Our Children!
A choice part:
"But in today's textbooks, Muhammad is not made to look bad at all.
Replace Mohammed with Christ and imagine how the Wing Nuts would howl."

It's not just a good Basin, it's a Great Basin!

Sierra Club Great Basin Group

"...it's hard to get by just upon a smile" when you advocate religious assassination.

Via Kevin Drum. Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) is a religious fanatic as surely as Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell and while his deportation may have been unnecessary, it's very hard to work up any sympathy for him as Juan Cole explains and with which I agree.


Drinking Liberally


The Self-Made Myth

United for a Fair Economy says public investments support private success

"I DIDN'T DO It Alone: Society's Contribution to Individual Wealth and Success," a report from United for a Fair Economy, spotlights successful entrepreneurs like investor Warren Buffett, Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry's), and Eric Schmidt of Google, and concludes that the myth of self-made success is not only false but destructive to the social and economic infrastructure that fosters wealth creation.

Buffett, Cohen and Schmidt do not believe they made their millions on their own. Like others profiled in the report, they attribute their success to many factors: public schools and colleges, government investment in research and small business assistance, contributions of employees, and strong legal and financial systems. Not to mention luck.

Strange Doctrines: Media Deference to Religion

Via Strange Doctrines: Media Deference to Religion The Raving Atheist gives us the lowdown.

Strange Doctrines: Atheism

Good blog.
Check out his Atheism section.
Strange Doctrines: Atheism

Strange Doctrines: Empirical Dispute Resolution

Brilliance: "When the contents of minds are at odds, the contents of the world must be consulted."


Strange Doctrines: Slogans

Strange Doctrines: Slogans: "Reverence for reality grounds morality better than fear of gods."


Sean Crist - Gay Atheist

I came out as a gay male in July 1984 just before my 16th birthday. I've been an atheist since May 1996.
Sean Crist's Homepage

Question of God

I had been looking forward to this show on PBS for a few weeks now, until I discovered that Sigmund Freud, a sexist, "armchair" theorist whose ideas have been almost completely discredited, was chosen as the representative for atheism. Now I feel some trepidation, as does Austin Cline who talks about the problem with Freud and also the problem with C. S. Lewis, who represents religion (specifically, Christianity) in the show.
Question of God

End of American Conservatism

Again, we can only hope.
Austin Cline has some smart words here:

Andrew Sullivan writes:
"[C]onservatism as we have known it is now over. People like me who became conservatives because of the appeal of smaller government and more domestic freedom are now marginalized in a big-government party, bent on using the power of the state to direct people's lives, give them meaning and protect them from all dangers."

American conservatism has become associated with smaller government because over the past 40 years or so, liberals have tended to advocate big government programs that had, as one effect, a negative influence on many traditional social structures.

Conservatives who weren't very honest about what they wanted framed their arguments around less spending and smaller governments.

What Cline does not address is Sullivan’s “more domestic freedom” remark. By domestic freedom, I’m assuming Sullivan means personal freedoms/civil liberties. How Sullivan can look at the political viewpoints and histories of conservatives and liberals and conclude that conservatives are the ones most likely to support personal freedom is simply beyond me. Conservatives have supported anti-miscegenation laws, sodomy laws, segregation laws, censorship laws, racist restrictions on citizenship, sex toy bans, etc. Where is Sullivan’s head?


Ezra may be on to something.

Pandagon: Here Voter Voters Voters Voters: "...Log Cabin Masochists Republicans (ever get the feeling this group is just a big kinky roleplay for people into punishment and humiliation?)..."

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