The problem with Libertarianism

Ampersand at ALAS, a blog, has a post which does a good job of summing up why Libertarinism sounds great on the the first gloss, but when you delve deeper, has serious problems for those of us who care about both political AND economic freedom and opportunity.

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The flaw in Cathy's thinking - and in the thinking of most libertarians - is that she mistakenly writes as if the government were the only possible threat to freedom. In fact, the government is only one of many threats to freedom.
"Freedom," as libertarians use the word, never seems to mean anything other than freedom from government intrusion. Real freedom, however, means having a wide range of attractive options. When someone's options are eliminated by the marketplace, by illness, or by lack of available assistance, that is as real a threat to their freedom as government intrusion.

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