Release of 'Brokeback Mountain' creates a buzz

Release of 'Brokeback Mountain' creates a buzz:

"Hurting the cowboy image?

Kaycee playwright Sandy Dixon doesn't care to open her mind to the story line of "Brokeback Mountain," she said.

A lifelong Wyomingite, Dixon said she has never encountered a gay cowboy, and doesn't think it's right for Proulx and Hollywood to portray Wyoming as a state with gay cowboys.

Her message to the writers of "Brokeback Mountain" is this: "Don't try and take what we had, which was wonderful -- the cowboys that settled the state and made it what it was -- don't ruin that image just to sell a book."

She added, "There's nothing better than plain old cowboys and the plain old history without embellishing it to suit everyone."

Regarding the reaction of Wyoming people to the film, Dixon said it depends on the viewer: "Those that want to make a queer story out of it, they will, and those that know real cowboys will say it's all hogwash."

Hey "lifelong Wyomingite" Sandy Dixon. Perhaps your life experiences aren't quite as broad as your ego seems to think they are. This lifelong Nevadan has known "real cowboys", including my father and grandfather, (I was born in Fallon, Nevada for fuck sake) and has known plenty of gay cowboys. You don't know what you're talking about. The only hogwash is a parochial, narrow-minded, know-nothing acting like she knows for a fact that there are no gay cowboys.

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