Liberalization vs. Democracy: Reviewing America's Goals in the Middle East

Austin Cline gives a clear and concise resaon why nothing good can possibly come from what's happening in Iraq. Going from imposed secular totalitarianism to democratically elected theocratic totalitarianism is NOT an improvement, and it only cost several thousand lives and the trashing of America's world standing. What a bargain!

Liberalization vs. Democracy: Reviewing America's Goals in the Middle East: "The administration's goals for the Middle East cannot be achieved by democratization alone; they can only be achieved (if at all) though the promote of liberal democracies."

"It is no wonder that the President George W. Bush has expressed no specific interest in liberalization of the Middle East. In addition to some possible dislike of any concept with the word 'liberal' in it, there is the fact that promoting liberalization would be greeted by Middle Eastern leaders with much more hostility than the promotion of democracy has — and they are already suspicious of that. They know that liberalization would do even more to undermine their power and status than democratization would. What they don’t seem to understand is that democratization without liberalization would help Islamist parties come to power and, just as has been the case with Iran, that will result in governments which will be a danger to everyone — inside and outside the nation."

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