Untrue Believers - Newsweek World News - MSNBC.com

Christopher dickey makes some excellent points about the so-called "war on terror" and why Americans give an exemption to Christian terrorists from being called terrorists.
"Untrue Believers" By Christopher Dickey - Newsweek World News - MSNBC.com

Terrorists are very righteous folks. Which is why the real global war we’re fighting, let’s be absolutely clear, should be one of our shared humanity against the madness of people like these; the rule of man-made laws on the books against the divine law they imagine for themselves. It’s the cause of reason against unreason, of self-criticism against the firm convictions of fanaticism.
Any effort to understand the enemy or his motivations is treated as an apology for what he does. At times we seem to be infected by the very pathology we are fighting against.

Nod to Orcinus.

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