Night of the Living Masturbators

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Robert O'Brien Trophy Awarded to Judith Reisman: "...Judith Reisman, a nutty anti-anything-sexual crusader who is astonishingly popular with social conservatives. Reisman is one of the leading lights of the 'abstinence-only sex ed' movement and a longtime anti-porn and anti-gay activist with a history of saying absolutely loony things. Her latest contribution to absurdity is the notion of 'erototoxins', which she invented out of whole cloth and foisted on an unsuspecting Congress last year. 'Erototoxins' are brain chemicals allegedly released in the brain when one views pornography, chemicals which, Reisman says, are highly addictive and turn those who view pornography into something like a porno zombie..."

Max Blumenthal also wrote about Reisman's crazed anti-Kinsey campaign in Her Kinsey Obsession.

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