The wonderful PZ Myers on the less than wonderful Amy Sullivan

Pharyngula::Sullivan. Gah.

Here, though, is where Sullivan sinks to a new low. Take a look at this comment:

More damningly, to the extent that the religious left continued to exist, it became tied in the public's mind with secularists. "The positions of the religious left and secularists on crucial questions seem indistinguishable," says Joseph Loconte of the Heritage Foundation. "And that hurts them politically."
I don't even need to mention that this progressive Christian is quoting a fellow of the heinously conservative Heritage Foundation approvingly: look at the message. Secularists are bad. It hurts us that they share ideals with us. There is no hiding what she is trying to say, which is that the Democrats need to distance themselves from atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, and freethinkers. This is the kind of divisive idea I'm sure the Heritage Foundation would love to see get wider play in the Democratic party.

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