Atheist discovers 'the science of God'

The whole Anthony-Flew-now-believes-in-god thing has been pretty overblown, and Rhoderick pretty much feels the same way I do.

If you consider yourself an atheist or an agnostic then I hope your reasoning for your disbelief isn't intellectual masturbation, egoism, or any other ridiculous nonsense. The ultimate goal of all nontheists should be to seek the truth, despite what it may be.

For many years I've believed the answer is similar to what Professor Antony Flew is proposing: there may in fact be some form of higher intelligence. I'm not arrogant or confident enough to propose that such a thing is impossible. Neither should you be. My ideas are the result of years of thought and, most especially, personal study in physics. The most interesting topic in physics that relates to theism is "time." I suggest you look into it (I suggest this book, and this book).

(Some of my "strong-atheist" readers are probably pissing pumice and exhaling sulfur right now. That's fine with me. There can never be enough pumice and sulfur.)

I am confident however that the Judeo-Christian God does not exist. I'm also confident that the Bible is a creation of mankind. The evidence is voluminous and quite convincing. (Emphasis added.)

But why should atheists be "alarmed" at the idea that higher intelligence may exist? No atheist should be alarmed, only intrigued. And if an atheist is alarmed by such a proposal then I suggest that he is not an atheist but a fool. Closed-mindedness is welcome in the world's various organized religions, and they're always recruiting.

To this I would add that (1) there is still no evidence for this intelligence; (2) even if this intelligence exists, it isn't necessarily a "supernatural" intelligence, and (3) there's no reason we have to worship this intelligence or do what it says. Also, dare I say it, Flew's judgement might be wrong.

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