God Only Talks to Conservatives

So, let's look at this closely so that we can be clear as to what is going on. First, by expressing a rather liberal point of view and sharply disagreeing with conservatives, Andy Rooney is "trashing" God. Apparently, when Pat Robertson claims that God will be sending disaster and devastation to places like Florida because of things like "Gay Days" at Disney World, though, he isn't trashing God.

Second, when Andy Rooney expresses his political ideas and expresses those ideas through God, that's "pontificating," but when Pat Robertson claims that he's heard from God that George W. Bush will win the next election or when Mel Gibson claims that his film was the work of the Holy Spirit, that isn't "pontificating." This is, I think, a rather un-subtle attempt to claim that God only speaks to and through conservatives - a complete denial that Christianity and God could be any more liberal than people like Joshua Claybourn and Pat Robertson.

What arrogant, self-righteous pap.

I couldn't agree more!

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