There's a Friday the Thirteenth this June. How about having a Superstition Bash to have fun and shine light on the silliness and childishness (and yes, downright stupidity!) of things like triskaidekaphobia, fear of black cats, walking under ladders, etc.

The Superstition Bash is an event which explores the fascinating world of belief through history. Learning activities, informational displays, fun experiments, entertaining games, educational exhibits, and much more, are all part of the festivities.

The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) and Skeptical Inquirer Magazine held their first Superstition Bash in the early 1990s. A diverse audience attended the event and the bash has been gathering steam ever since. Events can now be found around the world, organized at multiple venues and attracting people of all ages and interests.

Explore the possibilities of hosting a Superstition Bash in your community!

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